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What's new in the Rock Physics Module for RokDoc 2023.2

The Rock Physics license has received several improvements for 2023.2. A few highlights:

What's new in Reservoir Characterization Workflows in RokDoc 2023.2

Some highlights from the RokDoc 2023.2 updates within the Reservoir Characterization license:

Exciting New Deep QI functionality in RokDoc 2023.2

XGradient Boost, a cutting-edge decision tree, ensemble learning method has been added to the Deep QI license.

A Deeper Look at Crossplot 3D - New in 2023.2

The 3D cross-plot has been rewritten and now has greatly expanded capabilities.

Navigate the Random Forest - Insights on Machine Learning Methods

Random Forest (RF) is a supervised machine learning algorithm used in both classification and regression problems. It was an added function to the Deep QI license for RokDoc 2023.1!

Save The Date!  May 11, Ikon Science Technology Forum and Party

Ikon Science Technology Forum and Party Hello!  We are excited to announce the upcoming Technology Forum and Party.  This will be a one-day event for the RokDoc user group where we have invited ...

New Deep QI features in RokDoc 2023.1

The latest Deep QI development provides a more realistic, data driven overview of the subsurface and increases performance and flexibility when performing ML based workflows.

Reservoir Characterization changes in RokDoc 2023.1

Highlights in the RokDoc 2023.1 updates within the Reservoir Characterization license: 

Pressure Prediction Module changes in RokDoc 2023.1

We have applied various Pressure and Stress enhancements:

New features in the Rock Physics License in RokDoc 2023.1

The Rock Physics license has several improvements in 2023.1. Some of the highlights are:

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