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Updates to Reservoir Characterization in RokDoc 2024.1

Highlights in the RokDoc 2024.1 updates within the Reservoir Characterization license:

New Rock Physics Features in RokDoc 2024.1

The Rock Physics license has received several improvements for 2024.1 A few highlights:

Unlock Deeper Insights from Well Logs with Advanced EDA

We are excited to announce the release of our new Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) tool for well-log data. This tool is designed to help users gain deeper insights from well-log data through ...

Blocky AVO Modeling Reimagined

A core objective of the rock physics workflow is to demonstrate that petrophysical variations will be observable using seismic data. Conceptual blocky AVO amplitude modeling shows how theoretical ...

Saving Time with Track Management

An optimized workflow must have rigorous QC tools. Inversion parameterization is an iterative process that requires parameter testing. We’ve packaged supporting functions for optimizing parameters ...

Comprehensive Classification Workflows

The latest advancements in RokDoc's classification functions and Bayesian upgrades are set to redefine the way geoscientists approach facies classification, lithology analysis, and reservoir ...