The Rock Physics license has received several improvements for 2024.1

A few highlights:

New Blocky Model AVO Features

Plot controls and wavelet scaling in Blocky AVO

New Mineral and Fluid Managers

Unlimited custom minerals

External Interface Performance Improvements

10x faster convolution algorithm



We look forward to continuing to hear your feedback for future RokDoc releases!

Alan Mur
Post by Alan Mur
Dec 13, 2023 12:54:19 AM
Alan Mur has a PhD in Geology with specialization in Geophysics from the University of Pittsburgh and has over a decade of work experience in geology, rock physics, and geophysics. As Product Manager for Quantitative Interpretation (QI) Applications at Ikon Science, he manages all applications related to QI geophysics at Ikon and directs the software development team to evolve Ikon’s software offerings with consideration for the needs of the industry.