The Rock Physics license has several improvements in 2023.1. Some of the highlights are:

  • The latest version of the University of Houston FLAG 2023 fluid model has been added. This update provides improved CO2 property prediction as well as the addition of steam as a fluid type in RokDoc.

Flag 2023.1

  • Copy Working Intervals option in all dialogs. 

working interval 2023.1

  • Color Bar Transparency updated with auto-hiding nodes


  • Constant Vp/Vs Rock Physics Model to demonstrate AVO feasibility

Constant VpVs RPM 2023.1

  • The Vernik Organic Mudrock Rock Physics Model (RPM) has been introduced to combine and optimize the functionality of three legacy RPMs.

Vernik 2023.1 RPM

  • Bayesian Classification at the well has been updated to include 1D & 2D contour and gaussian PDFs useable from the cross-plotter in the classification.

Bayesian classification 2023.1

We look forward to continuing to hear your feedback for future RokDoc releases!

Monica Beech
Post by Monica Beech
Dec 11, 2022 6:09:12 AM
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