The DeepQI license has received several improvements for 2023.3. A few highlights:

  • Multi-Mineral Petrophysics algorithm is optimized to handle more input scenarios.
  • Volume and saturation sets are automatically created in training and applications.

  • Improvements to QCs and XG Boost automated parameter optimization with grid search. 

  • New Models in RPML Library:
    • Vernik Kachanov Sand and Carbonate Models
    • Vernik Conventional Shale Model
    • High Porosity Chalk Model (Ekofisk)

  • RPML - Optimized mineral mixing. 

  • RPML – Parameter propagation made easy. 



We look forward to continuing to hear your feedback for future RokDoc releases!

Venkatesh Anantharamu
Post by Venkatesh Anantharamu
Jun 6, 2023 8:59:28 PM