Ikon Science's RokDoc software platform provides an integrated workflow to accurately predict pore pressure and drill with confidence. Here are the key capabilities:


Integrated Data Conditioning

RokDoc ensures datasets are consistent with rock physics principles by providing an integrated data conditioning environment. Image logs, drilling events, and pressure tests can be conditioned, interpreted, and visualized quickly. Data reliability is assessed using drilling history and pressure view plots to review regional trends and identify outliers.

Real-Time Monitoring

RokDoc offers smooth integration across pre-drill, real-time, and post-drill analyses, enhancing accuracy in real-time pressure monitoring with our native WITSML streaming and cutting-edge resistivity algorithms.

Ikon Science's Curate Well Surveillance application streamlines well operations by enabling real-time monitoring and management of multiple wells from any device, facilitating immediate collaboration and effective communication of critical data among teams. This platform enhances decision-making through features like annotations, discussions, and real-time interpretation of pore pressure and fracture gradients.

Advanced Rock Physics Models

The latest version of RokDoc incorporates new rock physics models and machine learning methods to uplift the pore pressure prediction workflow.  It corrects for high-clay false impressions for pore pressure when there really is none. This improves predictions compared to traditional methods based solely on normal compaction trends.

Integrated Prediction Workflows

RokDoc provides stochastic and multi-scenario calculators to fully explore possible geological scenarios and quantify the probability of success.

Machine learning and geostatistical tools deeply integrate disciplines to solve complex multi-variate challenges, enabling confident predictions.  By conditioning data, monitoring in real-time, applying advanced rock physics models, and leveraging integrated prediction workflows, RokDoc empowers operators to drill safely, optimize mud weights, and deliver high-quality boreholes with reduced uncertainty.

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Liza Yellott
Post by Liza Yellott
May 17, 2024 2:48:30 AM