RokDoc Ji-Fi (Joint Impedance & Facies Inversion) technology from Ikon Science offers several key benefits for reservoir characterization:


  1. It performs simultaneous inversion of seismic data for impedances and facies probabilities, providing a more integrated and accurate characterization of the reservoir. This accounts for the non-linear relationship between rock properties and seismic data.
  2. It enables better prediction of critical reservoir properties like porosity, lithology, and fluid saturations from the inverted impedances and facies volumes. These properties are essential for reservoir characterization.
  3. The rock physics modeling in Ji-Fi ensures the inverted results are consistent with the underlying rock physics principles, leading to more realistic and geologically conformable results.
  4. Ji-Fi produces higher resolution images by removing wavelet effects like tuning through deconvolution, allowing better delineation of thin beds and stratigraphic features important for characterizing the reservoir.
  5. The integration of well log data into the inversion process ensures the inverted volumes tie to the well control while also honoring the seismic data, providing a consistent reservoir characterization across different data types.

In summary, RokDoc Ji-Fi's coupled impedance and facies inversion, rock physics consistency, higher resolution, and integrated solution lead to more accurate and comprehensive reservoir characterization compared to conventional techniques.

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Liza Yellott
Post by Liza Yellott
May 17, 2024 12:57:36 AM