An optimized workflow must have rigorous QC tools. Inversion parameterization is an iterative process that requires parameter testing. We’ve packaged supporting functions for optimizing parameters from the initial design, but each project may require specific sets of logs to best assess the inversion quality.

The key to efficiency in inversion and reservoir characterization lies in repeatability. With the Track Management tool, users can effortlessly replicate pre-defined QC views for various inversion types. This repeatability saves considerable time that would otherwise be spent fine-tuning individual track views. Additionally, it ensures uniformity in QC processes and enhances data consistency, a crucial factor in finalizing the inversion parameters and decision-making.

With Inversion QC track management, custom track sets can now be made to show specific log sets for specific inversions. For example, I have built a generalized “Petrophysics” track set containing GR-Resistivity-Volume/Saturation Sets, – and Facies, that can be customized when using the Ji-Fi Inversion.

Track Sets and Inversion QC Track Management

Here is an example of a tailored template used to generate QC for a number of wells at the same time: 

Auto-Populated Multi-Well Inversion QC

Further, the Ji-Fi QCs have been preset to display only AI, VPVS, and Density. When invert-at-well is used in Ji-Fi, these tracks will automatically populate in the specified order, and if the viewer is left open, upon recalculating even modified track widths are preserved.

This new setup provides huge time savings and creates a report-ready QC setup where inversion results must be compared for subtle improvements and also sets the stage for wider track management throughout RokDoc

Alan Mur
Post by Alan Mur
Sep 21, 2023 11:33:13 PM
Alan Mur has a PhD in Geology with specialization in Geophysics from the University of Pittsburgh and has over a decade of work experience in geology, rock physics, and geophysics. As Product Manager for Quantitative Interpretation (QI) Applications at Ikon Science, he manages all applications related to QI geophysics at Ikon and directs the software development team to evolve Ikon’s software offerings with consideration for the needs of the industry.