Highlights in the RokDoc 2024.1 updates within the Reservoir Characterization license: 

New Spectral Shaping Function

  • Spectral and amplitude balancing in one function
  • Enhanced ‘spatially varying’ mode
  • New QC tools for spectral slicing
  • Supported MPI export

Build operators with reference seismic spectra, condition, apply balancing laterally or globally

New 2D Export Dialog

Write multiple outputs of multiple recipes to multiple 2D geometries

Advanced SDC - Fully Linked Workflow for Cluster/HPC MPI Exports

Link and QC recipes. Export the final 3D results directly.

We look forward to continuing to hear your feedback for future RokDoc releases!

Alan Mur
Post by Alan Mur
Dec 13, 2023 3:17:44 AM
Alan Mur has a PhD in Geology with specialization in Geophysics from the University of Pittsburgh and has over a decade of work experience in geology, rock physics, and geophysics. As Product Manager for Quantitative Interpretation (QI) Applications at Ikon Science, he manages all applications related to QI geophysics at Ikon and directs the software development team to evolve Ikon’s software offerings with consideration for the needs of the industry.